Hiking (Marcy Dam/Marcy, Gray, Skylight Loop)






This is the driving day... Drive up to the Adirondac Loj parking area, which is located just 9 miles outside of Lake Placid. From Lake Placid, get on route 73, heading south. 4 miles south of town, there is a sign for the Adirondac Loj. Turn here, and follow this road for approximately 4.8 miles to the main parking lot. (There is a small fee, so bring some cash). Hiking: 2.5mi Starting out at the Adirondac Loj trailhead, you will be following ADK 61 blue trail to Marcy Dam. Strung across the dam, is a permanent bear bag wire, where you can hang your food. The campsites are in a loop once you cross the dam, Friday nights camp will be set here.

Hiking: 17mi When you get up, you will be hiking the ADK 61 blue trail alongside Phelps Brook, heading south west, and then south. You will eventually get to Indian Falls, which has a pretty sweet view, and some water to fill up on. Continuing on ADK 61 blue trail, will take you up Mount Marcy. Soak up the view, congratulate yourself on hiking the highest peak in New York, then keep walking. Head down the south west side of Marcy (Gray Peak) following the yellow trail. This will take you to the four corners, where you will head straight up Skylight ADK 122 red trail to Skylight. This mountain, actually has a decent view rating of 12th in the 46, and is a pretty cool climb. Once you are done, head back down to four corners, and then decend by the source of the Hudson River, Lake Tear of the Clouds, and follow Feldspar Brook down the ADK 121 yellow trail. Continuing along this trail, and turning left at the junction will take you along Opalescent, and down to the southwestern shore of Lake Colden, where you will find camp for the night.

Gray Peak This unmarked trail is quite difficult, and one should read all of the warnings in the ADK High Peaks book, number 1. To be sure you read it, the only special advice I will give, is to stay on bare rocks when above the tree line and do your part to preserve the small amount of alpine vegetation left in the dacks. Once you get the book, turn to page 247 for further info. Refer to the High Peaks Region Map as well. Also, due to this mountains difficulty, be sure you have enough daylight left.

Hiking: 5.5mi In the morning, pack up, and head out to the cars, via the ADK 69 blue trail on the north west shore of Lake Colden, passing the Interior Outpost there. You will continue heading in a northerly direction, and eventually get to the ADK 68 yellow trail, which is Avalanche Pass. This trail will lead you to Marcy Dam, where you back track your entrance on Friday night out to the cars and home.