Trip Plans

"And I gave my heart to seek and search

out by wisdom concerning all things

that are done under heaven..."

--Ecclesiastes 1:13--

Below, you will find detailed trip itineraries, park information, phone numbers, directions, references, and more, providing an understanding for all of the planning and thought that goes into the many trips that have captured my spirit, traveling God's great creation!

My hope is to have helped you towards enjoying these adventures for yourself, as I have in the past. If you are new to life in the backcountry, I have even compiled some tips from experience to help you on your way toward planning your own trip. Your questions and comments as always, are welcome, and help to enrich this resource.

DISCLAIMER: Though the trip detail contained in the ensuing pages may appear to be a complete travel itinerary, it is not. You must realize that there are many hours of additional behind the scenes planning, necessary to actually complete a trip like the one described above. This additional planning, involves but is not limited to, full equipment detail, food rationing, physical training regimens, first aid preparedness, mental preparedness, reservations, as well as the orienteering activities necessary to properly prepare for a trip of this nature. The Hikers Path and Brian Burnett take no responsibility for the information contained within this site and/or its use, and recommend that readers seek professional assistance in planning a trip of their own, should interest arise.