The Hikers Path

Welcome to our little slice of the Internet. Founded in 1997, The Hikers Path started as a college-hosted website that Brian pushed up class notes to. It later grew into a gallery into which photos from many trips to the Adirondack Mountains were scanned, if anyone even remembers what this term means. As the years passed, there were more class notes, more documentation, and the addition of trip itineraries as Brian started to lead trips and eventually the functioned as the vice president of activities for the RIT Outing Club through 2001.

Woefully over-quota on both the club and his personal accounts, Brian registered in 2002 to display the many photos from events and places that he had gone both personally and with the RIT Outing Club. The year 2002 however was a very tumultuous year for Brian, working full time, attending graduate school, his childhood beliefs brought into question. From 2002-2007, this site saw a lot of attention from ministries Brian became involved with, having been turned into both a hiking resource, but also a cyber dumping ground for all sorts of stuff.

Now 2012, after five years of utter dormancy, HikersPath is changing again, and hopefully for the better this time. Now married to his wife Colleen and father himself, this electronic dumping ground must change with the times too. You will be happy to note that the old college dumping ground is now gone, but we have kept some of the things that people have found useful over the years, the trip itineraries, photos and other resources. Couple this with a strong faith and family and we now have a purpose for this site moving forward.

You see, hiking, is not just an activity that is done once and forgotten. As his wife will attest, it is also not just a leisurely walk in a park along a stream. Life doles out its series of rock ledges and scrambles along the trail well walk. This site will surely record some of ours, but the focus will be our families path through life. We will still be going up to the

Adirondacks, and if our bucket-list is fulfilled, to several more parks too, thus the itineraries and certainly the photos will keep coming. Just the same, there is a spiritual aspect of our walk with Christ that we also must give ear to.

Just as our life story has take its turns in our time here, this turn must happen for HikersPath. We hope you will stay for a while and look around. We hope you will get an appreciation for the world that God has made, and we trust you enjoy your stay at The Hikers Path.