1. What group of people will be judged at the Judgment seat of Christ?
    2. What will you be judged for at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
    3. There are some things which you should beware of regarding the Judgment Seat of Christ. List them.
    4. The real servant of Jesus Christ will be revealed and the less sincere will be exposed. What are the two principles to remember concerning this? Give a Scripture reference for each.
    5. There will be rewards available for those who are found to be faithful in their service to the Lord Jesus Christ. List the five crowns and describe briefly what they are given for.
    6. When a Christian focuses his attention on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, he tends to develop some proper character qualities. List them.
    7. What is the difference between the rewards you receive on Earth and the ones received at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
    8. What is the greatest benefit in your life of constantly focusing on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ?
    9. Briefly explain the primary purpose of this lesson.