1. Why are all Christians called into "full-time Christian service?" Give a Scripture reference for each reason.
    2. The primary purpose of your job is to support your ministry. List the three ministries you need to support.
    3. Why should you view your job as a ministry opportunity?
    4. What are the attitudes you should have toward your company and/or supervisor?
    5. List some principles that you observe in the life of Joseph which had an impact on his master from Genesis 39:1-6.
    6. As an employer, what are some questions you should ask yourself concerning your attitude toward the people who work for you?
    7. List four points to consider when deciding whether or not to take a promotion.
    8. What should you do when your job schedule does not allow you to be involved in church activities?
    9. Jobs, at times, may contain responsibilities that violate biblical principles.
    10. What should you consider if someone at work gives you a hard time concerning you Christian faith?
    11. When you are looking for a new job, what should you consider?
    12. Briefly explain the primary purpose of this lesson.