1. List seven reasons why God instructs us to give.
    2. What are the four primary purposes for giving?
    3. Before you consider giving any money to the Lord's work, you must also be willing to give other things as well. List them.
    4. List four ways you are to give.
    5. What can we learn about man and money from 1 Timothy 6:10?
    6. Two men in the Bible who were very wealthy had an attitude that was uncommon among others. What was so different about their attitude concerning wealth?
        1. Solomon:
        2. Job:
    7. List five wrong attitudes toward money that will interfere with your relationship with God. give a Scripture verse that helps you best understand each wrong attitude.
    8. List six important things that money cannot buy and that only God can give you.
    9. List five other attitudes you should develop toward money and physical possessions.
    10. Briefly explain the primary purpose of this lesson