1. Give the key reason why God instructs the Christian to be baptized.
    2. In Matthew 3:13-15, Jesus was baptized to demonstrate His ______________ and ______________ to God and His plan. Jesus fulfilled this before He began His ________________ _______________ .
    3. List three other men who were baptized after salvation in the New Testament.
    4. What are the purposes for baptism found in Romans 6:3-4?
    5. In Acts 8:36-37, the Ethiopian eunuch had to fulfill two requirements before he could be baptized. What were the two requirements?
    6. How do we know that the Ethiopian eunuch and Jesus were not baptized by sprinkling of water?
    7. Baptism by complete immersion in water is a picture of what?
    8. Baptism is essential in order for the Christian to ____________________ and _________________________, Also, one must be willing to submit to baptism so they can be __________________ to follow Jesus Christ.
    9. Is Baptism essential for salvation? __________________ Gives a Scripture reference that explains this.
    10. Briefly explain the primary purpose of this lesson.