"What is Discipleship?" A disciple is a learner. It speaks of a teacher-student relationship. The student listens, imitates, and obeys his teacher. In fact, he actually helps spread the leader's teachings.

No person can be considered a true disciple who only intellectually agrees with some of the teacher's ideas but fails to practice them.

True discipleship is outlined in Luke 9:23, "...If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." This biblical commitment to discipleship involves at least the following five actions:

    1. Desire
    2. Decision
    3. Denial
    4. Dedication
    5. Determination

[If any man]

[will come after me]

[let him deny himself]

[take up his cross daily]

[and follow me]

When people express saving faith in Christ they should be invited and directed to the path of discipleship.

Ideally, the church should be made up of a body of disciples, learners, devoted to spread the teachings of their Master-Teacher, not a warehouse of listeners, spectators, or attendees. Our purpose is to encourage believers to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, worshiping, walking, working, and witnessing on His behalf.

My church, First Bible Baptist Church of Rochester, NY, runs and teaches a biblical Life-On-Life Discipleship, approach to church Christian growth. This section includes the lessons taught as well as my personal notes from each topic. If you are interested in participating in Life-on Life Discipleship and live in the Rochester Area, I would suggest that you come to our church and get involved! I realize that the internet is a large place however and this may not be convenient for you. Check out the lessons below and when you are done with a lesson, email me! I will be happy to answer questions and keep you accountable.